Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh Boy! It is time for a CHANGE on This little Blog! To me this Blog is that little dust bunny under the couch that you see everyday, and I tell yourself that Tomorrow I will get to that! HA I finally made myself sit down the other day to look through/update my Blog, and let me tell you BORING! If I saw this Blog I wouldn't even read it! So I decided to do something a little different. I have Facebook and Pinterest, Etsy and my Website to post all my pictures, pricing and flavor info. It's time for this Blog to get a little more personal. Kind of like the little behind the scenes of my baking world :) Somewhere I can blow off steam, share a few entertaining mishaps, and recipe ideas. There will also be pictures too, duh, what's a Blog with out them:) As I sat down and forced my self to reconstruct this Blog, the re-name was the hardest part!! Then it clicked as I was reading the "Wimpy Kid Diaries" to my 2 little cake lovers, "Diary of a Baking Mom" So please, follow me and I hope you all join me on this new little Blogging Venture!

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